A True Signature Korean Dish at UW Korean Restaurant

Bibimbap: A Simple Classic in a Big Bowl

A hot pot traditional bibimbap is the ultimate Korean comfort food of rice with beef, sauteed and seasoned vegetables, fermented soybean paste, and some chili pepper paste for spice. On top of these, one raw or fried egg is added. It’s an attention-grabbing dish; downright simple but amazingly satisfying. First of all, it doesn’t come in small sizes but served in huge hot bowls. And it’s not that one person cannot gulp a serving of it in one sitting.

Over at our UW Korean restaurant, we have boiled rice with assorted mixtures like beef and tofu. we also have sizzling squid in a stone pot. Both bibimbaps are best-sellers among our diners.

How to Eat Bibimbap at Korean Tofu House

Korean Tofu House is not recommending any special way to enjoy its famous bibimbap. It’s just telling its patrons how this classic dish has become one of its more popular offerings at the restaurant. The one that comes in a stone hot pot (dolsot) that turns the rice golden brown and a bit crunchy is a frequent order. Diners usually go ‘wow’ over its presentation before they apply the chili paste over and break the egg to mix with the ingredients. The still warm rice crackles and turns a bright orange. Then the real fun begins.

Whichever way it is eaten, the bibimbap remains a mainstay in many Korean eating spots. At this UW Korean restaurant, it is a culinary journey in authentic Asian cuisine