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The Amazing Kimchi and its Health Benefits

Benefits Are In The Nutrients

How nutritious is Kimchi? It is a vegetable probiotic food that has low calories, low fat but is rich in vitamins. It has vitamin C and beta-carotene, minerals, fiber, phytochemicals and Lactobacillus and Lactobacillus brevis. With these nutrients, it offers a lot of health benefits.

What is Kimchi Good for?

Kimchi maybe be beneficial for weight loss. The dish is known to help those suffering from weight problems. The bacteria present in kimchi can suppress the appetite, likewise, the fiber content enables early and longer satiety so the feeling of fullness prevents one from eating more. Kimchi can also reduce blood sugar levels which tend to spike after eating meals. Some experts even claim that eating kimchi can help obese people shed pounds.

Kimchi is a cholesterol regulator. It can normalize high cholesterol levels, useful for people who want to regulate their cholesterol levels. Studies show that kimchi really lowers total cholesterol levels, especially LDL cholesterol. LDL is bad cholesterol and harmful to the body. Hence, eating kimchi reduces the risk of cardiac disorders like strokes and heart attacks derived from high bad cholesterol.

It’s also is an anti-aging food. We know that the aging process of our bodies is brought about by inflammation. Kimchi’s antioxidant content plus its vitamin C are able to regulate inflammation, which is said to speed up the aging process. A study has demonstrated the anti-aging effects of kimchi on the human body, particularly in the cellular level.

Kimchi is an immune system booster. Its wide range of flavonoids and phenolic compounds provide the antioxidant effect plus some immune system promoting boost. The peppers, garlic and ginger are also known to have a positive effect on the immune system. Hence, these make kimchi able to fight common infections like colds and flu.

With kimchi’s rich components and nutritious elements, why shouldn’t it be an accompaniment in every Korean and even non-Korean meals. Food this healthy should be a way of life.


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Korean Food on The Rise in The US

Stimulating American Taste

In many parts of the US, Americans are loving the spicy, sour, and all-around elements of Korean cuisine. In many places you are bound to see quick-serve restaurants meeting this demand. Korean cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines inspiring authentic and fusion dishes; for example, Korean flavors can fuse with Mexican. The Asian cuisine is surely becoming a global flavor


Gochujang and kimchi are two of the most popular Korean ingredients and are often used together. Gochujang is a fermented chile paste – spicy, tangy, savory, smoky, and sweet, all together. It is more deep and earthy than other chile pastes. Gochujang is versatile, can go into different dishes, because it can be used as a side sauce or in actual recipes, like marinades and soups.


Kimchi, a staple traditional Korean cuisine, is a side dish of fermented cabbage seasoned with chilies and salt and others. It can be eaten cold by itself or hot as a component in dishes like soup, or rice. After eating something heavy or greasy, Koreans eat kimchi to refresh the palate and balance taste. It is also a probiotic and helps with digestion. Kimchi has many flavor profiles but is basically sour. It stimulates the senses and, when combined with savory items like vegetables and rice, creates an immediate craving for more.

In the US, most Korean-inspired dishes use gochujang, kimchi, or both, but there are other ingredients in the cuisine that are starting to interest American palates. One is glass noodles, a main component in japchae, consisting of sweet potato noodles that are thinly shredded and stir-fried with sesame oil, soy sauce, and vegetables. Sesame oil and seeds are also a popular addition, bringing a subtle hint of nuttiness and smoky flavor to dishes. Then there’s plum extract, used as a substitute for sugar.

Interest in Korean food is not slowing down in the US, in fact, it is picking up well. America is ready and wants new, exciting, flavorful options that countries like Korea have to offer.


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Korea’s Fermented Garlic: An Immunity-Booster

Unlocking The Power of Garlic

The amazing nutritional powerhouse, known as garlic, is well-celebrated for its antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It contains beneficial compounds found to reduce inflammation, offer antioxidant benefits, and strengthen our immune system.

However, one highly delicious Korean food known as Manuel Jjangachi (pickled garlic) has garlic as just one of its ingredients. It also contains honey, which is an antioxidant booster and helps the body fight disease. When garlic and honey are used together, they are a powerful combination against colds and the flu, plus can just be an everyday health maintenance food.

Did you know that though garlic and honey by themselves alone are a great combination, yet can be made exponentially greater by the process of fermentation? When fermented, the immune-boosting properties of garlic, via its chief component, allicin, is significantly increased.

Allicin is a compound produced when garlic is crushed or chopped. It’s known for its antioxidant effect and anti-inflammatory benefits. In fact, when taking allicin supplements, it can help in several health problems like heart disease and cancer. Likewise, it has also been the alternative medicine in the protection from atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Many Korean dishes such as stews and side dishes have garlic. It’s a crucial part of Korean cuisine.


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